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The cleavages in wider British society are being laid bare by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Social sub-class by Gilber Franco: Unsplash

The stark reality of the mortality figures show a disproportionate slant weighted in more Black Asian and other ethnicities dying as a consequence. This demographic disparity actually hides a larger and more sinister element of the stratification of society based squarely on socio-economic positioning. Health inequities are attributable equally to economic, class and social status. Forget the rhetoric around the genetics that pre-dispose people to succumbing to infection, rather take a broader look at the effect of the stripping down of the Health Services, the Care Provision and structural inequities baked into our society made more real by Austerity.

Martin Luther King observed that the fight for Civil Liberties in 60's America was not the fight of the Black person only but the marginalised whole. This is even truer for Britain today in many more ways. Covid highlights vulnerability to the inequities in health provision but even looking at the education system that re-inforces class stuctures and suppresses social mobility. Many weaponise the attainment levels of the deprived white boys in the education attainment debate missing the point of a biased system that amplifies inequity.

The most vocal and outwardly racist people in wider society, are from the poorer, lower strata often looking at the obviously different other as the cause and source of their struggles. They form the major support base for the elite that have a vested interest in maintaining the socio economic status quo and therefore skillfully manipulate racism to their advantage. With-out the enlightnment of the masses and the use of the limited democratic power, we excercise once every 4 -5 years, to change the socio-economic dynamics and the focus of public investment to grow social equity. Many dub this as Socialism and equate the outlook to the failings of populist states and the failures of the so-called socialist countries. Note that they have fallen victim to pressures and manipulation of wealthy capitalist nations through tariffs, embargos and other infrastructure strangling measures with the USA being a prime example of the Inter-National Bully.

Homelessness: a vivid illustration of our defunct social structures!! picture by Tom Parsons: Unsplash

It does not require that individuals be scholars of politics but to understand the many lies that underpin the elite class's hold over the reigns of power. The mere act of equating national economics to household finances is a classic case in point. Covd 19 has called for eye-watering levels of borrowing to prop up state finances, but the real implications will be lost in the babble from the Conservatives who will argue that public finances have to be re-balanced. The famous money-tree will be re-planted in the ill informed minds and the arguments that the social safety net incubates a lazy class, rather than stating properly that work (with real safeguards underpinning employment) can lift people's fortune and that there is a need to have a functioning capitalist society that caters for the losers as much as it does for the fortunate working.

Capitalism requires that the labour market has excesses that will regulate prices with labour a big commodity and cost to the producer or provider. Again Covid 19 illustrates that the fallacies that underpin Austerity and the barbaric stripping back of the welfare system is misplaced. Today adverts for jobs have hundreds of applicants per vacancy and the prospective employer has an abundant pool to draw from.

The unemployed are actively applying for work and not enjoying the benefits system as a life choice, debunking the prevalent opinion offered in government.

Posted in health, inclusion, Inequality, opinion on Dec 03, 2020

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Posted in health, inclusion, Inequality, opinion on Dec 03, 2020