DCES Services

DCES have high targets regarding services we would like to offer but the reality is tempered by the availability of funds and people able to deliver

  • Social Advocacy

    Many people in our society are voiceless and their needs,opinions and ideas are overlooked. DCES strives to share space and give an audience to the marginalised.

  • Heritage and Culture

    Our cultural identities and heritage give us the base for a fulfilled and focused life. The Sussex Heritage Network is one of our partners who share a common aim to promote our Histories, Cultures and Heritage.

  • Fun Things

    We all need the space, time and opportunities to do things that are enjoyable and make us whole.

  • Who & Where

    We aim to serve all of society currently within Sussex. Our focus is to foster values that allow for equality of opportunity and access of an equal value to all. We stand firmly against any percieved injustice or discrimination based on the characteristics defined by law and beyond.

  • Training

    We provide basic training on a wide scope of skills as and when possible. Our aim is to give the foundation for individuals to engage with skills and educational establishments.

  • Legal Sign-posting

    As it has become more difficult to access assistance through legal and statutory agencies we strive to help in assessing need and and explore available routes to professional guidance. Legal Aid has become harder to access and the services offered through the third sector have seen huge budget cuts.

The Object Journeys team standing in front of the Aso-Oke exhibition. The Object Journeys is a Heritage Lottery Fund funded project run by the British Museum and Brighton and Hove Museums.