Mongwadi Tona: blog writer.

DCES have high targets regarding services we would like to offer but the reality is tempered by the availability of funds and people able to deliver

Advocates for those that are Disenfranchised and Excluded within "Hard to Reach" diverse communities

Together we want the communities to work at being part of a vibrant society with the ideas
of equality, inclusion and tolerance at its heart. We try to acheve this through
different services such as direct representation, advocacy, signposting, advertising and projects
that have many benefits, such as social perscription (i.e getting people to socialise, with the aim of
addressing general wellbeing).

Our projects allow individual's voices, to be heard and to give those often-overlooked communities
a channel which empowers them and shares their thoughts in the wider society. We want to encourage
cultures of competence, and a competence in culture which includes everyone,by creating a diverse society.