Cool Culture and Fashion from Africa

I was personally honoured to have been given the opportunity to engage in this exhibition, being that I was allowed to go in on launch day and have a grand tour of cultures I had never experienced before.

Object Journeys

In this Blog I shall take you through the magnificent displays at the Brighton Museum under Object Journeys Project named "Aso-Oke" and "Townships Journey", Marvellous delights await you.

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A country that has had the real potential for bloodshed on an epic scale, South Africans can rightly feel blessed on one hand but as every day passes, the opportunity to right the wrongs of 'Apartheid' are allowed to slip by.

Bullets and the Social Revolution!

The sun was not shining when the bulldozers arrived. The government of the time had decided that my family and I should be relocated, because our pigmentation did not match the standard they created of superiority. Could we help that we were given additional melanin when we were kissed by the Sun at birth? Did Lover Nature not intend for us to be diverse in our spirits as well as our appearance?

Eventually, many of these good men and women brought a true revolution, encouraging understanding and fostering dialogue through words instead of bullets, use forgiveness and common humanity as their foundation.These heroic negotiators brought an end to years of tyranny. People could be free to walk around in their own country. On television, many enemies took each other s hands and said, Be my brother.

It looked like a dream come true, the Rainbow Nation had arrived and I could go back to the den of sheds and shacks to free anyone who was still left behind in the bitterness and the pain. But, when I arrived, I discovered that many were now comfortable in their broken dwellings, even renting these spaces as tenants living under duress. Criminals hid between the innocent and ruled the townships as their own. Legitimate businesses would act as fronts to organised crime syndicates, in parallel having their own armed warfare at the expense of already hopeless people. For them the Rainbow Nation never began.

The townships which started off as places of hopelessness had invariably remained the same. They were many things, including a private underground for trading things worth smuggling: for the ivory of our biodiversity; for organs; for things which our comrades in Mother Russia would appreciate. The more I tried to free people from the mental slavery they were trapped in, the more they felt comfortable being enslaved. The new government tried to prove it was different, and they built new houses for people. But, in an effort to save money for themselves with the communism promised, the houses which were built had the habit of collapsing on demand. And for those who felt comfort in their former shacks, they moved out and sold their newly built houses and let others carry the hot potato of poor construction. The new government promised they were different. And they were for a while. But over time, all of the problems of the past collided together in the future.

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A cat allowed to slip by un-noticed.

Claws and a bite!

The sun was not shining when?

Eventually, many of these good cats and birds brought a true revolution, encouraging understanding and fostering dialogue through shared fear.

It looked like a dream come true. But, when I arrived, I discovered that many were now comfortable in their broken identities. For them the promised Spring sunshine never came.

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